Recommended French Press Brewing Method

1. Use the finest even grind coffee you can, but coarse enough to avoid having the grind pass through the filter. Best is just a few notches coarser than filter drip, but not so coarse as a multipurpose or perc grind. The key to avoiding sediment is in the "evenness" of the grind, and a burr grinder will give you this. Please be sure to see our grinders in our coffeeware section.

2. Pull the lid and plunger out of the glass beaker. Put one standard coffee measure (7.25 grams by weight "approximately 2 tablespoons" is the standard) per 5 to 6 oz. water, into the beaker. Many presses measure cups in small 4 oz (about 125 ml) size called a Tasse. A 3 Tasse press makes about 12 ounces maximum. (That's 1 mug of coffee for many people!) Buy a press that's just a little larger than you need because you can always make less.

3. Pour the correct amount of 195° to 200°F water into the press, slowly at first to avoid creating a dry island of coffee grounds. Allow the coffee to float to the surface, which much of it should. Don't overfill the press as the level will rise when you insert the plunger.

4. Pick up the plunger by the knob so that the lid is down against the screen. Place it lightly on top of the press so that it keeps the heat in, but does not start to push down on the coffee at all. Leave it for 1 minute.

5. After 1 minute either remove the lid and briefly stir the coffee with a spoon, or VERY carefully swirl the press in a circular motion to agitate the brew and make the grinds sink. (Not all the grinds sink, they resurface at the top again. If all the grinds have sunk., You probably let it brew for 5+ minutes). If you removed the top, replace it.

6. After another minute or 90 seconds, began to plunge. Please note: most instructions have you plunge after 4-5 minutes, but we recommend 2.5 to 3 minutes. This is because we prefer to use the finest grind possible, to a coarse chunky grind that cannot make all the coffee oils and aromas available in the brew. (Finer grinds extract faster.) Hold the lid in place with one hand and carefully start to push on the knob at the top to force the plunger screen downward, pushing the grinds with it to the bottom. Take care at first because it's easy to have the filter disc in crooked and allow a flurry of grounds to escape around it. If disaster strikes--don't worry... simply pull out the plunger and lid completely, rinse quickly in hot water, and start over right away.

7. Push steadily and the plunger should reach the bottom in 20-30 seconds or less. There should be some resistance though. If you do all this, there should be a small amount of tan crema on the surface of the coffee in the plunger (provided your coffee is homeroasted or roaster fresh!) Please see our home roasters. Pour, serve, and don't save it! Coffee is best right away, within the first 10 minutes. Don't try to keep it hot, just make more Fresh Press coffee as needed. Enjoy!


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